What are the duties of a Brand Ambassador?

Brand Ambassadors act as the faces of brands or companies; they will showcase and improve a brand’s image. They have an eye for details and can quickly learn about products and services. Thus, they can discuss them in real time with potential customers and effectively promote them. Moreover, they will assist with product demonstrations, handing out flyers, customer interactions, and more.
Brand ambassadors are the first impression and representative of the look and feel of a brand and company. They should represent the company and brand in an authentic, engaging and classy way. Brand ambassadors are part of a great marketing strategy that enhances the experience of customers who are interested in learning more about a product or brand.
Our brand ambassadors are able to assist at events, product launches, and conventions. They are highly experienced in sales, lead generation, brand promotion, live marketing, and more. Due to their high educational level, they can pick up information quickly and even explain difficult technical details to potential clients/customers. Feel welcome to reach out to us at agency@alicelauramodels.com and Alice Laura Models will assist you with finding the ideal brand ambassador for your event or product launch.

What is a Trade Show Model?

Trade Show Models help advertise products or companies at trade shows/conventions. Trade shows and conventions bring together several companies that showcase their latest and greatest products and innovations. Hiring a trade show model will increase sales and customer interactions. They assist the company’s sales team with attracting potential clients to the booth and explaining products, company and brand message.
They will draw attention to the booth, create valuable first impressions for customers, generate leads, assist with product demonstrations, and provide product information while engaging the audience and answering questions about the brand/company.
Our trade show models will help create an unforgettable experience for customers and clients. Alice Laura Models ensures maximum success, as our models are skilled with lead generation, sales, drawing customers to the booth, and more. They will easily learn all about a product or company to be prepared to answer questions from customers. Furthermore, our models are used to working in an international environment and speak multiple languages.

What are the benefits of hiring Influencer Models?

Social media marketing grows in importance every day. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product recommended by an influencer they follow. Influencer models help build relationships with a company’s audience while generating interest in their products or services. They amplify the brand’s message as well as produce eye-catching and engaging content.
Influencer models help create the perfect campaign for any product or service that, overall, increases sales and the company’s online presence for future purchases.
Our models have created an influential online presence with a tremendous reach for the effective placement and advertising of your product and brand. They will help you create more brand awareness that lives long past our influencers’ marketing campaigns.

What is Event Modeling?

Event Models assist with the variety of tasks required at a luxury event. Whether it is tray passing, hosting, accommodating guests, greeting, serving food and beverages, translating, award presenting, or registration, event models will ensure that the guests are well taken care of while maintaining a charming and welcoming personality.
Our Premium Staff is trained to make sure that the services offered are done professionally and that guests feel welcomed and looked after. They will create a memorable experience for guests thanks to their eloquence, classy appearance and professionalism.

What is Fashion Modeling?

Fashion Models gracefully display fashion items, designs, and trends in photo shoots, runway shows, fit jobs, and showrooms to prospective buyers. This type of model is usually very tall and slender, and they usually have small measurements and are very lean. The ultimate goal is to present the fashion product in the most appealing way.
At Alice Laura Modes, our fashion models are more than just high-fashion models. They are graceful, personable, and eloquent. They combine a high degree of education, knowledge of foreign languages, and a very attractive look. This differentiates them from the rest and makes the work process go smoothly and easily.

What is Commercial Modeling?

Commercial models are booked to pose in marketing materials to promote products or services. There is a much more diverse range of models used for these jobs. They are featured in advertisements, commercials, catalogs, and any other type of marketing campaign.
Its purpose is to feature relatable people using goods and services, allowing potential buyers to visualize how they would look if they used them. The goal is to build a bridge between the company and the consumer.
The height, size, and age requirements for commercial models are much less strict, making them easily relatable to everyday people and helping potential customers more easily connect with any brand or company.

What is a Spokesmodel?

Spokesmodels are representatives of products and brands. They will effectively communicate a brand’s message while helping position it among clients and customers. They are able to assist with product launches, face-to-face marketing at promotional events, and more.
They are confident, outgoing, friendly and experienced in on-camera speaking and public-speaking to bring out a brand’s message to a larger audience. Due to their amazing talking and public speaking skills, they will leave memorable impressions with potential clients.
Our spokesmodels are charismatic, educated and elegant. They are completely prepared to be the face of a brand, elevate its marketing strategy, and make it stand out from the competition.

Why work with Alice Laura Models?

Our agency represents the premium standard in event staffing and fashion modeling services. Our models are more than just fashion models. They combine a high degree of education, knowledge of foreign languages and a very attractive look. Our talent is skilled in sales, brand promotion, and hosting for luxury events, trade shows, corporate events, fashion shoots, runway shows, and more.
We have worked with clients such as Cartier, LinkedIn, UBeauty, Vogue, Formula 1, and People Magazine, to only name a few. The professionalism, class and elegance of our models and the high quality of the services they provide are the reasons why our high-end clients keep choosing us.
If you are looking for Premium Models, Alice Laura Models ensures that your upcoming event or shoot is an unforgettable experience.

What does it cost to hire a model?

Our prices vary depending on whether the models will be at a convention, event or shoot. We also keep in mind the number of models that you require and the tasks that they will be performing.
After we gather all the information that we need, we will send you a Service Quote, which includes our agency fee. We work with hourly rates, but for longer conventions or events, we can set up a daily rate.
Reach out to us at agency@alicelauramodels.com or by filling out our Booking Form, and we will send you a personalized Service Quote.

How do I know what kind of model I need for my event / shoot / convention?

Our models fulfill the requirements of high fashion models but can also work as commercial models, event models and influencers at the same time. If you need a specific look or age, feel welcome to reach out to us at agency@alicelauramodels.com or to fill out our Booking Form and we will send you a selection of models that fit your requirements. We have a huge roster of models in our database which is not only depicted on our website.
We are also glad to assist you with any marketing advice or recommendations. We will be more than happy to share our expertise and help you find the right model/models that best fit your brand/company.

How do I apply to Alice Laura Models?

We are always looking for new faces to join our team!
If you are interested in being a model with our agency, you can fill out our application form and attach your best pictures with it. If we think you are a good fit for the agency, we will get back to you as soon as possible to set up an online interview with you.
You can apply to be either a Fashion/Event Model or to be a Commercial Model.

What are your model requirements to apply?

We require our models to be highly educated, have the capacity for teamwork, and have the liability to work independently. They also need to be very outgoing and personable, have experience in sales and promotions, and be fluent in English and preferably other foreign languages.
For our Commercial Model Division, we accept models of all ages & heights and sizes but we need models to be great with on-camera speaking, acting and posing. We need them to have previous experience with it.
For our Fashion/Event Model Division, we need the female models to be at least 5’7” in height and male models 5’11”. We prefer to work with the age range of 21-35 but are not as strict with that. As far as measurements, we look for healthy & beautiful bodies.