About Us

Welcome to Alice Laura Models, an international high-quality staffing and modeling agency based in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in providing premium personnel for conventions, promotions, trade shows, congresses, and corporate events.

Our agency was founded by Alice Laura, who brings extensive experience from working with major modeling and staffing agencies at national and international conventions, events, and trade shows across Europe and Latin America. While completing her Master’s degree in Political Economy and International Relations at the Free University in Berlin, Alice fluently learned six foreign languages, in addition to her native German.

Alice’s educational journey also took her to Brazil, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, where she immersed herself in local cultures and conducted part of her Master’s research in Rio de Janeiro. Originally from Germany, with a German mother and a Czech father, Alice’s diverse background and extensive travel have given her a unique perspective on the modeling industry. With her broad live marketing experience and linguistic talents, Alice understands the high level of proficiency required for models to effectively promote products and brands. Beyond their beauty, our models are expected to be highly educated, embodying the intelligence and sophistication that set our agency apart. Alice’s rich experience in the modeling industry, combined with her academic and cultural insights, inspired her to create a business with a distinct approach. Alice Laura Models is dedicated to disrupting the often toxic fashion and modeling industry by emphasizing education, diversity, and ethical practices. Join us in redefining the standards of beauty and professionalism in the modeling and marketing world.